Frequently Asked Questions

Updating Your Website – a step by step plan in pdf format for Expression Web users. This is also available as a Powerpoint show from our downloads page.
WordPress Tutorials – Notes on editing your WordPress website hosted by Equestrian Websites
Adding a Page to your Website with Expresson Web
Excluding files from publishing in a FrontPage web (Expression Web)
Fraud. Identity Theft. Scams… Let’s Protect Ourselves and Our Loved Ones
Finding Email sender’s IP address
Name Registration Scam – We strongly urge you not to take up the offer in the “Domain Name Expiration Notice” sent out by Domain Registry of America or their associate companies.
Email set-up – A guide for our clients wishing to set-up Outlook Express to send and receive email. The set-up for Outlook is similar.
Cacheing Pages – I know a website has been updated but I can only see the old pages. Why?
Email EtiquetteA guide for those new to Email
Unsolicited Commercial Email / Spam – What is it and what can be done about it!!
PC Troubleshooting – I’ve decided to make available to you this list of common problems and solutions to help you with your own troubleshooting efforts.
Has my PC got a virus? – How to tell if a malfunctioning PC has a virus
Protect your images – A simple way to protect your images from theft (it’s not foolproof, but it helps). You have to ask us how it’s done and we’ll email you a sample code.
CSS Color Code Chart – Find the colour code for the exact colour you require.