MICROSOFT does NOT cold call about computer faults!

I’ve just had a very interesting phone call from a gentleman with an India accent, though the accent isn’t important as it could have been from anyone. He stated that he was calling from Microsoft and that they were concerned about a number of network faults showing up on my computer. At this point I told him that I was not interested in his SCAM and put the phone down. I would urge anyone who receives a similar call to do the same.

If I had continued the call he would have almost certainly “persuaded” me that it was imperative that I download something so that he could look at my computer to clear the problem. Once he had access to my computer we would have been able to seek out personal information on the computer, install spyware etc. and cause all types of problems. As well as this I have heard that this type of scam frequently involves paying a fee (by card) to fix the “problems”.

Please be aware that Microsoft does not cold call anyone about faults on computers. Don’t fall for this SCAM.